At Darryl Hatchett, DDS, Family Dentistry, we like to stay current with all the latest technology that modern dentistry has to offer. But technology isn't just about fancy equipment – it's about finding approaches that make your treatment more efficient and effective. Before we consider purchasing any new technology, we ask ourselves how it will benefit your well-being. We're always in the process of updating our equipment, and here some of the technologies we offer that make your treatment easier:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a type of dental imaging that allows us to take pictures of your mouth and send them directly to our secure computer for storage. In just a few moments, we can see the highly detailed images and share them with you on a monitor so you can see exactly what we see.

Additionally, digital x-rays offer several other advantages over traditional film x-rays. The software lets us enlarge the image, which helps Dr. Hatchett see even the tiniest changes, which wouldn't be possible during a visual oral exam. Digital x-rays are also safer for you because they reduce your exposure to radiation by 85–90% compared to traditional film x-rays. State-of-the-art digital images are also better for the environment since we don’t have to worry about safely disposing of potentially hazardous materials used with traditional x-rays. Digital images can also be sent electronically to a specialist for review.