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Crowns & Bridges

If your beautiful smile is marred by damaged or missing teeth, you may find it hard to smile and really mean it. At Darryl Hatchett, DDS, Family Dentistry, we want to ensure that you receive exceptional dental care that's suitable for your unique needs.

We’ll work with you to find solutions that restore your smile and protect your oral health. Often, our customized crowns and bridges will return your smile to a healthy state that will serve you for many years.

Uses for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used to add a layer of protection for a weak or damaged tooth. Durable dental crowns placed by Dr. Hatchett work like a natural tooth and make it possible for you to chew and speak normally again.

There are many situations where we may choose a dental crown as the most effective treatment:

  • Provide support for teeth weakened by excessive dental wear
  • A fractured or cracked tooth is so damaged it cannot be restored any other way
  • Protecting and strengthening a tooth after a root canal
  • Restoring dental implants

You’ve probably heard of a dental crown being referred to as a "cap." This is because they actually create a little jacket around the tooth to support and enclose the tooth. Because they conceal the natural tooth, dental crowns are an excellent solution for correcting esthetic dental imperfections, like a severely discolored tooth that can’t be whitened professionally.

We have several materials to choose from when deciding which type of crown is most appropriate for you. These include all porcelain (the most popular for esthetic reasons), porcelain on metal, and gold. Each material is unique and serves a specific purpose. As we proceed through the process, we'll discuss your choices and help you decide which material best fits your dental needs.

Fixed Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

An unattractive empty space between in your smile is not pleasant to look at, affects your self-confidence, and makes it difficult to perform simple actions like speaking and chewing. But a dental bridge customized at our Maiden dental office creates a tooth that functions perfectly, improves your appearance, and benefits your oral health.

Aside from the obvious esthetic problem, why are missing teeth a problem? Without sufficient support around the empty space, adjacent teeth will naturally move into the empty space. This movement creates tooth misalignment and in the future may even contribute to problems like chronic grinding and clenching, and the painful symptoms associated with TMJ.

Our doctor has been creating beautiful, functional bridges for many years. Dr. Hatchett often uses dental bridges in the following ways:

  • Restoring the tooth to full function
  • Filling the space left by a missing tooth
  • Providing a permanent alternative to a removable partial denture
  • Preventing surrounding teeth from shifting out of place

We securely attach your customized dental bridges to neighboring teeth with long-lasting crowns, making them very stable and functional. Some patients also choose to add a dental implant for extra stability.

Convenient, Personalized Care

Denver dentist Dr. Hatchett is happy to consult with patients in Maiden and surrounding areas, so please give our office a call to arrange an appointment. We have many different options for restoring your smile, and we’ll find the one that best fits all your needs. 

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